The following shall be the policy for the Blackford County Health Department on the subject of genealogy searches and fees as of 1-1-05.

Searches shall NOT be done over the telephone.  Caller shall be instructed to mail a search request along with appropriate fees.  Each name requested for searching shall be subject to search fees. Name and date of death/birth within a range of 10 years must be provided before a search will take place. Births are only available for genealogy purposes if they are 75 years old or older. Fees must accompany search request. 

Persons who come to the department in person must provide name and date of death/birth within 10 years.  Records will be searched and appropriate fees charged.

All genealogy searches are done AS TIME PERMITS.  Persons coming directly into the office will be told that if the registrar/or designee is busy providing other services or if other priority services requests come in while genealogy searches are being completed the genealogy search will take place AFTER the present/priority items of business are completed.  Priority services include funeral home requests for certified death certificates, telephone calls to the department, customer greetings or other services that the registrar/or designee feel need priority attention.

The registrar/or designee shall search the death/birth database. If record is found in database appropriate fees will apply.

Blackford County follows The Access to Public Records Act as set forth in Indiana Code 5-14-3. The Office Of The Public Access Counselor will be the final authority on issues involving the Public Records Act.


As set forth by the Blackford County Board of Health and approved by the Blackford County Commissioners, the following fees shall apply for genealogy searches.

$2.00 per name in death/birth database. 
(Fee includes non-certified hard copy printout of record.)
$15.00 per name for certified copies of birth records.
$20 for certified copies of death records.

Application for Certified Death Record

Application for Certified Birth Record